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Why do I need a 3D scan ?

Your dentist requires a 3D scan because conventional scans are not appropriate for your treatment. 3D imaging allows him to visualize very precisely the position of the bones in your face and jaws in relationship with your teeth and other anatomical structures like nerves, arteries and sinuses. This will allow your dentist to make a better diagnostic and provide you with the best treatment possible for your situation.

Do I need a prescription from my dentist ?

Yes you need a prescription from your dentist. Usually, he will send it to us by fax.

Why can't my dentist offer this type of scan ?

The hi-tech equipment required to make 3D scans costs more than most homes. Very few dentists have the volume of scans to justify such an investment. In order to keep prices at a reasonable level, we share the facility with a number of dentists like yours. The fact that your dentist sends you to us is proof that he cares about your dental health.

Do I need an appointment ?

After receiving your prescription, we will call you to set up an appointment. We will do our best to fit your schedule. Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointed time in order to complete the administrative procedures.

Does it hurt? Is it dangerous ?

No it does not hurt. In fact, you will not feel a thing. It is not dangerous either since it uses only 2% of the X-rays usually emitted by medical scans.

How long does the scan last ?

In general, the exam requires less than one minute. You will have to remain still during that time in order to produce clear images.

Will I have to come back ?

No, the scan will be verified before you leave. This will only require a few minutes of your time and will ensure that all steps have been completed succesfully. This way, you will not have to come back needlessly.

Do I need an injection with a contrast agent for this exam ?

No, a contrast agent is not necessary.

Can I have this exam if I am pregnant ?

No. Pregnant women should not have any type of x-ray examination, especially during the first three months. In case of medical urgency, additional precautions will need to be taken.

When do we get the results ?

You will leave the dental imaging centre with a CD containing your scan and the software to view it on your PC. The evaluation report will be sent within 4 days to your dentist. In case of emergency, the report may be prepared in a few hours, provided the radiologist is available.

How much does the exam cost ?

The cost depends on the services requested by your dentist. When we will fix an appointment for you, we will tell you the applicable cost.

Will my dental insurance pay for this ?

We will ask that you pay at the time of your visit. We will fill out a claims form but it will be your responsibility to submit the claim to your dental insurance company. The amount reimbursed will depend on your insurance policy. VERY IMPORTANT: before your visit, contact your insurance company to validate your dental coverage regarding scans.

Where do I go for my exam ?

Please visit the Contact Us page.

What if I have additional questions ?

You may ask any question to our staff. We will do our best to answer them as clearly as possible.