3D view of mandibular nerve to safely position implants

3D cephalometric analysis

High definition 3D images for ultimate treatment efficiency

High definition image of cranium

3D and 2D Radiology

For your patients, we can produce cone beam computed tomographies (CBCT), panograms and cephalograms.

  • Appointments available on short notice;
  • Emergencies accepted;
  • Reports by Dr Manon Paquette;
  • CT-Scans and reports in 24 or 48 hours when possible;
  • Electronic transmission upon request.

SimPlant Conversion

With our SimPlant Master software licence, we can convert your tomographies into the SimPlant OneShot, Planner or Pro formats. We will provide you with SimPlantVIEW and 3DViewer free of charge should you not have SimPlant.

SimPlant conversions include the cleanup, the 3D masks and the mandibular nerve mapping. Please note that the conversion is free if the scan was done by us.

We also offer 3D masks and provide implant planning help services.

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Leading Edge
Dental Imaging

We offer leading edge dental imaging services to dentists and specialists in the Montreal metropolitan area.

Leader in digital dental imaging in Eastern Canada

When we opened in 2006, we were the first dental imaging center to offer cone beam computed tomographies (CBCT) to dentists in the province of Quebec. We were also the first SimPlant MASTER site in Eastern Canada to offer SimPlant file conversions.