SimPlant conversion

With our SimPlant Master software licence, we can convert almost any digital scans into SimPlant OneShot, SimPlant Planner or SimPlant Pro formats.

SimPlant is a trademark of Materialise Dental, the world market leader in 3D Digital Implantology. To learn more about SimPlant, visit their website or contact their representative Luc Charron at

SimPlant services and fees

Simplant conversion including the cleanup, the 3D masks and the mandibular nerve mapping Included with our scans
Or $95
Option DUALSCAN or Optical Scan Included
OneShot +$190
SimPlant View study and 3DViewer Included
SimPlant guided surgery See prescription

Note 1: Please be aware that fees may be modified without notice.

How to refer patients?

You must download the prescription form, print it, complete it and fax it at (514) 524-0567. We will quickly call your patient to set up an appointment. The prescriptions are here: SimPlant Conversion and SimPlant Guided Surgery.